Cyber DAM 2004/2/21-25

個人的には、Ben Folds好きだな。。
Hey Ya! / Outkast
I’m Glad / Jennifer Lopez
Baby I Love U! / Jennifer Lopez
In Between Days / Ben Folds
Pass That Dutch / Missy Elliott

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Hyper Joy 2004/2 後半

来日中 Blueのアルバム”Guilty”とThe Beatles ”Let It Be… Naked”これで全曲配信かな?
Charade / Andy Williams
It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie / Pat Boone
As Time Goes By / Frank Sinatra
Picture / Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow
Fried My Little Brains / The Kills
Naughty Girl / Holly Valance
Colorado Bulldog / Mr.Big
I’ve Got A Feeling -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
Get Back -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
Dig A Pony -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
Two Of Us -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
Don’t Let Me Down -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
For No One / Beatles,The
For You Blue -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
Let It Be -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
One After 909 -「Let It Be… Naked」Version- / Beatles,The
Taste It / Blue
Bubblin’ / Blue
Rock The Night / Blue
When Summer’s Gone / Blue
Alive / Blue
I Wanna Know / Blue
Back It Up / Blue
Breathe Easy / Blue
Walk Away / Blue
Where You Want Me / Blue
How A Man’s Supposed To Change? / Blue
No Goodbyes / Blue

SEGA 2004/2

I Was Born To Love You / Queen
Speedway / Niko
The Final Countdown / Dave Rodgers
Stay The Night / Dave Rodgers
Speedway / NIKO
Jealousy / Virginelle
The Final Countdown / Europe
Pass You By / BoyzⅡMen
Only Time / Enya
Original Prankster / Offspring,The

BMB 2004/2

●U’s BMB Entertainment 2月新譜●
=B-Kara、NeonR、Neon、BEAT、BMB Be-Max’s=
Into The Hollywood Groove(The Passsegerz Mix) / Madonna featuring Missy Elliot
Only Time / Enya
Original Prankster / Offspring,The
The Final Countdown / Dave Rodgers
Stay The Night / Dave Rodgers
Speedway / NIKO
Jealousy / Virginelle
Pass You By / BoyzⅡMen
The Final Countdown / Europe
I Was Born To Love You / Queen
●東映Super Be-Max’s 2月新譜●
※3月にはQueen 8曲増曲予定のようです。

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Lavca 2004/2

Begin The Begin / Julio Iglesias
Amor(アモール・アモール)/ Julio Iglesias
Nathalie(黒い瞳のナタリー) / Julio Iglesias
Walk On / U2
Sunny Came Home / Shawn Colvin
Turn Table / TLC
I Believe I Can Fly / R.Kelly
Just Once / James Ingram
Clocks / Coldplay
Kiss From A Rose / Seal
Move Your Feet / Junior Senia
Secret File / Clarkesville
Where Is The Love? / Black Eyed Peas
Hey Ya! / Outkast
Tomorrow / Lillix
You Don’t Know My Name / Alicia Keys
Fortune Faded / Red Hot Chili Peppers

Cyber DAM 2004/2/14-18

Hedwig And The Angry Inch とか変化球増曲も!
Ignition / R.Kelly
Tourniquet / Evanescence
Rock’n’ Roll Star / Oasis
The Anthem / Good Charlotte
Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous / Good Charlotte
Going To Pasalacqua / Green Day
Fashion / David Bowie
Iz U / Nelly
Ride Wit Me / Nelly featuring City Spud
What I Go To School For / Busted
All My Love / Foo Fighters
Midnight Radio / Hedwig And The Angry Inch
Into The Hollywood Groove (The Passengerz Mix) / Madonna featuring Missy Elliott
Save The Population / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Club Tropicana / Wham!

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Cyber DAM 2004/2/7-11

I’ll Never Get Enough Of You / Air Supply
Fat Lip / Sum 41
Breaking The Law / Judas Priest
All Bout U / 2 Pac, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Nair Dogg, Fatal
Do I Have To Cry For You / Nick Carter
Ride The Sky / Helloween
This Is The New Shit / Marilyn Manson
Breaking The Habit / Linkin Park

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