Hyper Joy 2008.1

Rock Kids
ハローキティ携帯のBGMのアノAerosmithの名曲のカバー Rock Kidsも配信!
YouTubeで調べたら、Rock Kidsでは検索出来ず。。
Kids Will Rock You 名義でありました♪ 同じアーティストなのかな?

Tick Tick Boom / The Hives
Ain’t No Party / Orson
Crank That(Soulja Boy) / Soulja Boy
Girlfriend〈Dr.Luke Remix feat.Lil Mama〉/ Avril Lavigne
I Can Do Better〈acoustic〉/ Avril Lavigne
I Will Be / Avril Lavigne
In This Life / Delta Goodrem
Potential Breakup Song / ALY & AJ
One In A Million / Backstreet Boys
Panic / Backstreet Boys
You Can Let Go / Backstreet Boys
Another Stranger Me / Blind Guardian
Face Down / The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
False Pretense / The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
You Really Got Me / Van Halen
My Apocalypse / Arch Enemy
Nemesis / Arch Enemy
Any Other Way / Backstreet Boys
Helpless When She Smiles / Backstreet Boys
Something That I Already Know / Backstreet Boys
Treat Me Right / Backstreet Boys
Trouble Is / Backstreet Boys
Radio Nowhere / Bruce Springsteen
The Israelites with Desmond Dekker / Apache Indian
Downpour / Backstreet Boys
Everything But Mine / Backstreet Boys
In Pieces / Backstreet Boys
Love Will Keep You Up All Night / Backstreet Boys
Nowhere To Go / Backstreet Boys
Unmistakable / Backstreet Boys
Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon / Backstreet Boys
I Don’t Wanna Dance / Eddy Grant
Before It’s Too Late / Goo Goo Dolls
Let Love In / Goo Goo Dolls
Reggae Night / Jimmy Cliff
Back In Town / Matt Dusk
Tomorrow People / Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers
Whole Lotta Rosie / AC/DC
Delivery / Baby Shambles
Highwired / Hanoi Rocks
Walk This Way / Rock Kids
Hot Legs / Rod Stewart
(You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back / Peter Tosh
Twistin’ The Night Away / Sam Cooke
Becoming The Dragon / Trivium
Angeleyes / Abba
Kisses Of Fire / Abba
Living Inside Of Me / Level
Sonne / Rammstein
American Jesus / Bad Religion
You Only Live Once / The Strokes
What Happened To Us? / Hoobastank
The Power / Manowar
Until I Die / Rage