Lavca 2005/10

Paul McCartney
Michael Jacksonがナニゲに増えてますね(笑)

■10/12 配信予定(新譜)
Just Want You to Know / Backstreet Boys
So Tired / Eric Clapton
Wake Up / Hilary Duff
Gold Digger (featuring Jamie Foxx) / Kanye West
We Belong Together / Mariah Carey
The Importance Of Being Idle / Oasis
Fine Line / Paul McCartney
Streets Of Love / The Rolling Stones
All About Us / t.A.T.u.
Love Love Love / Tristan Prettyman
Michael Jackson
■10/1 配信予定(リクエスト)
I’ll Never Break Your Heart / Backstreet Boys
Hyperballad / Bjork
Sleeping With the Light On / Busted
My Name Is / Eminem
Learn To Fly / Foo Fighters
Mr.Torture / Helloween
Painkiller / Judas Priest
By Myself / Linkin Park
Human Nature / Michael Jackson
Bizzarre Love Triangle / New Order
Territorial Pissings / Nirvana
Murder The Government / NOFX
Some Might Say / Oasis
Supersonic / Oasis
Spare Me The Details / The Offspring
Do You Remember Rock’n’Roll Radio? / Ramones
This Charming Man / The Smiths
Hyper-insomniaparachondriod / Sum41
Pain For Pleasure / Sum41
Sugar / System Of A Down
My Name Is Jonas / Weezer