Cyber DAM 2005/5-6 追加配信予定

Britney Spears(7曲)
Destiny’s Child(8曲)
Green Day(8曲)
Jennifer Lopez(8曲)
Mariah Carey(8曲)
多数最近のメジャーどころの配信に埋もれそう(笑)ですが80年代 Joey Scarburyの配信も。
以下 配信曲です。

■5/18 配信予定 (14曲)
Candy Shop (feat.Olivia) / 50cent
Diary (feat.Tony!Toni!Tone!) / Alicia Keys
E-Pro / Beck
Oh (featuring Ludacris) / Ciara
Girl / Destiny’s Child
Wake Me Up When September Ends / Green Day
Crawling In The Dark / Hoobastank
Hold You Down(featuring Fat Joe) / Jennifer Lopez
The Closest Thing To Crazy / Katie Melua
Since U Been Gone / Kelly Clarkson
It’s Like That / Mariah Carey
It’s Over Now / Natasha Thomas
Krafty / New Order
I Think Of You / Tata Young
■5/25 配信予定 (20曲)
E-Mail My Heart / Britney Spears
I Will Still Love You (duet with Don Philip) / Britney Spears
Let Me Be / Britney Spears
Shadow / Britney Spears
That’s Where You Take Me / Britney Spears
Bug A Boo / Destiny’s Child
Emotion / Destiny’s Child
Nasty Girl / Destiny’s Child
Homecoming / Green Day
St.Jimmy / Green Day
Whatsername / Green Day
I Got U / Jennifer Lopez
I’m Gonna Be Alright / Jennifer Lopez
Play / Jennifer Lopez
Against All Odds(Take A Look At Me Now)(featuring Westlife) / Mariah Carey
Can’t Take That Away(Mariah’s Theme) / Mariah Carey
I Don’t Wanna Cry / Mariah Carey
Make It Happen(Album Version) / Mariah Carey
1000 Words / Sweetbox
Cinderella / Sweetbox
■6/1 配信予定 (31曲)
Before The Goodbye / Britney Spears
When I Found You / Britney Spears
Cater 2 U / Destiny’s Child
If / Destiny’s Child
Is She The Reason / Destiny’s Child
Got’s My Own / Destiny’s Child
Are We The Waiting / Green Day
Desensitized / Green Day
I Want To Be On T.V. / Green Day
Suffocate / Green Day
I, Love / Jennifer Lopez
Still / Jennifer Lopez
Still Around / Jennifer Lopez
That’s Not Me / Jennifer Lopez
Theme From Greatest American Hero(Believe It Or Not) / Joey Scarbury
Lead The Way / Mariah Carey
Now That I Know / Mariah Carey
Reflections(Care Enough) / Mariah Carey
Must Get Out / Maroon5
Not Coming Home / Maroon5
Shiver / Maroon5
Sweetest Goodbye / Maroon5
Tangled / Maroon5
The Sun / Maroon5
Through With You / Maroon5
After The Lights / Sweetbox
Boyfriend / Sweetbox
Chyna Girl / Sweetbox
Every Time / Sweetbox
Unforgiven / Sweetbox
Stay / Sweetbox

しかし、Beckが増えてるーーと思ったら同名のアニメの..しかも混ぜて表記..紛らわしい!アニメといえば、話題の巌窟王のテーマ曲(70年代パンク The StranglersのJean-Jacques Burnelの作品)も配信されています。恐らく洋楽歌本には載らず、”アニメ”にジャンルされるのかな?
■6/1 配信予定
WE WERE LOVERS / Jean-Jacques Burnel
You Won’t See Me Coming / Jean-Jacques Burnel
Towa Teiって邦楽では?確かにKylie Minogueをフューチャーしているので洋楽といえば洋楽だが。。
■5/18 配信予定
Sometime Samurai feat.Kylie Minogue / Towa Tei