Hyper Joy 2005.4後半

Bloc Party
Hyper Joyさん 今回は予定通りか?祈りが通じたか? 24曲増曲!!Hyper Joyさんは最近のアーティストでもHip-Hop系に偏らず、Rock系を深堀して配信している点は毎度頭が下がります。またBlack Sabbath、Dream Theater、Queenなどのビッグネームも継続して配信しているのも嬉しい。
Turn It Up (feat.Ja Rule) / Ashanti
Die Young / Black Sabbath
Imaginations From The Other Side / Blind Guardian
Helicopter / Bloc Party
I’ve Just Begun (Having My Fun) / Britney Spears
Intimidated / Britney Spears
When Your Eyes Say It / Britney Spears
You Got It All / Britney Spears
The Humpty Dance / Digital Underground
Strange Deja Vu / Dream Theater
Must Be Love (feat. Smujji) / Fya
Numb/Encore / Jay-Z/Linkin Park
Cut Off / Kasabian
Got The Life / Korn
Right Now / Korn
God Knows / Mando Diao
Bridging The Gap (feat. Olu Dara) / Nas
I Want To Break Free / Queen
Here We Go Again (with Norah Jones) / Ray Charles
Is It Good To You / Teddy Riley feat. Tammy Lucas
Maybe Memories / The Used
The Bee Gees Medley / The Bee Gees
Helloween Medley / Helloween
Sonata Arctica Medley / Sonata Arctica