Hyper Joy 2004/4 後半

Britney Spearsも!
Angel / Amanda Perez
Be With You / Atomic Kitten
Ask Me Why / The Beatles
Devil In Her Heart / The Beatles
Brave New Girl / Britney Spears
Breathe On Me / Britney Spears
Shadow / Britney Spears
Showdown / Britney Spears
Touch Of My Hand / Britney Spears
I Begin To Wonder / Danni Minogue
Red Blooded Woman / Kylie Minogue
Easy Ride / Madonna
I’m So Stupid / Madonna
Intervention / Madonna
Love Profusion / Madonna
Nobody Knows Me / Madonna
Nothing Fails / Madonna
Nothing Fails(Nevins Mix) / Madonna
Mother And Father / Madonna
X-Static Process / Madonna
Your Honesty / Madonna
Let’s Love / Melanie C