Hyper Joy 2004/1 後半

ビートルズの Let It Be -Naked Version、ヒラリー・ダフ増曲に注目!
Rain On Me / Ashanti
Oh! My Pa-Pa(O Mein Papa)/ Eddie Fisher
Living In America / The Sounds
I Me Mine -ALBUM「LET IT BE… NAKED」Version- / The Beatles
Across The Universe -ALBUM「LET IT BE… NAKED」Version / The Beatles
All I’ve Got To Do / The Beatles
The Long And Winding Road -ALBUM「LET IT BE… NAKED」Version / The Beatles
Money / The Beatles
Sweet Sixteen / Hilary Duff
Metamorphosis / Hilary Duff
Love Just Is / Hilary Duff
Workin’ It Out / Hilary Duff
Early Mornin’ / Britney Spears
(I Got That)Boom Boom / Britney Spears featuring Ying Yang Twins
Some Velvet Morning / Primal Scream
One More Chance / Michael Jackson